Case Study: Boosting Croatia’s Off-Peak Tourism Through Wellness and Gastronomy
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Case Study: Boosting Croatia’s Off-Peak Tourism Through Wellness and Gastronomy

November 08

Working with Travix has brought great visibility for our destinations and has helped us boost different Croatian products and attract new potential customers to Croatia and motivate them for real bookings. The personalised approach and availability throughout the process has reaffirmed that we have chosen the right partner and helped us in asserting our brand on the Belgian and Dutch market. - Croatian National Tourist Board


We ran a targeted marketing campaign from mid-March to mid-April 2023 to attract more visitors to Croatia during the May holiday period, emphasising wellness and gastronomy themes.


  • Elevate awareness of Croatia as the preferred off-peak destination.
  • Amplify Croatia's branding and campaign messaging across customer channels.
  • Inspire new customer bookings by showcasing touristic experiences, with a focus on wellness and gastronomy.

Target Audience:

  • In-market for Croatia: Customers actively considering Croatia and competing destinations.
  • Foodies: Audience passionate about gastronomy, local cuisine, and restaurants.
  • Health & Wellness enthusiasts: Audience seeking wellness activities for their vacation.


  • Updated destination landing pages on and for campaign traffic redirection.
  • Created compelling blog entries tailored to each market.
  • Implemented targeted newsletter campaigns.


Achieved a remarkable Year over Year sales increase of 34% in March, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness in driving off-peak bookings to Croatia. The General view of Dubrovnik - Fortresses Lovrijenac and Bokar seen from south old walls at sunset. Croatia. South Dalmatia.