Travix - Culture
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About our culture

Travix is a global organization that fosters diversity. Our people are entrepreneurial and have the drive to get the best results. Because Travix focuses on innovation and being ahead of competition, we are agile, open to learn and try new ideas. Every individual is valued for his contribution and encouraged to come up with and implement improvements.

With a “getting things done” mentality our people are not afraid to roll up their sleeves. We work with passion and a smile to achieve our common goals. We are a technological and customer centric organization that easily adapts to change and therefore is always in motion. We act fast and are here to win!

Travix personality

The Travix personality wants to get the best result for the customer & Travix. Our people work closely together with all relevant colleagues/ departments within Travix and are not afraid of a challenge. To get the best result they analyze all available data, draw conclusions and quickly come up with ideas. Our people work their way through challenges and are able to come up with original and effective solutions that are innovative in the flight business.