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How would you describe the company culture?

With our global presence, it’s no surprise that our team of over 450 employees represents more than 40 different nationalities. We value diversity and inclusiveness, and aim to pioneer excellence and passion in everything we do for our customers. We are customer focused to say the least! We seek to optimize customer experience and drive continuous improvements to gain customer loyalty.

At Travix, we encourage the development of our people. We inspire them to become high performers in the agile working environment where innovative ideas are always welcomed!
Together we grow talent and together we move people.

Are there development opportunities at Travix?

In the dynamic travel industry, things are changing really fast. That is why we need people that are agile and don’t shy away from a challenge. To support you on this journey, we organize many fun and impactful activities targeting personal and professional development. This way, we encourage our employees to learn while having fun!

Some examples of training opportunities we provide to everyone who joins Travix cover the topics of – but are not limited to – Intercultural communication, Tips for coaching, Powerful feedback, Way to be a confident presenter, Stress management, Adapting to change and Setting goals.

Besides the more generic training, we also offer you the possibility to enhance both hard and soft skills specifically tailored to your team and your own professional growth.
You can read everything about our Non-Stop Growth Program in this blog article.

Can you elaborate on the application process?

Our recruitment process typically takes on average 3-6 weeks, but of course this depends on the seniority of the role and the business unit. Some positions, which require coding or a business case, take longer than others. You can review a summary of our hiring process in the infographic below.

What advice would you give for me to put my best foot forward in applying for this position?

It is very important to make a positive first impression to boost your chances of progressing in the hiring process. We’ve got some tips to help you:

Before the screening call:

At Travix, we strive for motivation and performance, so pay attention to the key requirements needed to excel in your role. Make sure to prepare yourself for evidenced-based questions by reflecting on your career achievements and giving specific examples based on your professional background. Get familiar with the STAR technique to effectively structure your responses. Finally, be straight to the point in your answers, show interest, curiosity and be yourself!

Before the 1st interview

If selected for a first interview with the hiring team be prepared to discuss your hard skills and experience that make you the ideal candidate for the role! Be analytical, concise and ready to demonstrate your professional expertise.

Before the 2nd Interview

At this point, you might be a step away from getting your dream job at Travix. You succeeded in your business case/take home assignment and you need to get ready for the 2nd interview with the hiring team where you have the chance to present your case. Make sure to carefully review your assignment and be able to answer any questions that the hiring panel might have. At Travix we appreciate a critical mindset, so make sure to show off your approach in a concrete and comprehensive way!

What are some of the benefits of working at Travix?

Amsterdam office Benefits

Bangalore office Benefits


What is the history of Travix?

Travix was established by a merger of CheapTickets (Beins Travel Group Ltd), Vliegwinkel, Flugladen, BudgetAir (Airtrade) and Vayama in January 2011. The oldest part of the company, Vliegwinkel.nl, was created by Airtrade in Haarlem and founded by Wim Butte and Andre Hesselink. Vliegwinkel.nl was the first online travel agency (OTA) in the Netherlands. On 4th October 2018, international travel company BCD Group announced that it would take full ownership in Travix after purchasing all outstanding shares from minority shareholder ING Corporate Investments. In January 2020, the Trip.com Group acquired Travix.

Where is Travix based?

Travix is headquartered in Amsterdam and has offices in the Netherlands, India (Bangalore), Singapore, the UK (London) and the USA (San Jose).

What are the brands operated by Travix?

Travix operates five renowned brands, including CheapTickets, Vliegwinkel, BudgetAir, Flugladen, and Vayama, trusted by millions of customers worldwide. Travix’s diverse portfolio of well-established brands, each with a unique value proposition and target audience, enables the company to serve a broad range of customers across different regions and segments.

What do Travix brands offer?

All of Travix’s brands offer flights and products like hotels, car hire and insurances.

Who are Travix’s partners?

Travix has a global network of over 350 airlines, as well as partnerships with destinations, car rental companies, and other travel service providers.

What does Travix offer to partners?

Travix works with airlines to help them reach their online booking targets and generate high volume bookings. It provides airlines with a wide range of services, including distribution, marketing, and technology solutions, to help them increase their visibility and reach more customers.

How many websites does Travix have?

Travix has an extensive portfolio of 40 websites.

Which group is Travix part of?

In 2020, Travix became part of the Trip.com Group, a leading global travel service provider comprising Trip.com, Ctrip, Skyscanner, and Qunar.

Who is the CEO of Travix?

The CEO of Travix is Chee Teong Ooi. Bringing with him two decades of experience in the travel industry, Chee Teong joined Travix at the end of November 2022.

What is Travix’s mission?

Travix’s mission is to provide “the next journey at your fingertips”, helping its customers around the world find the best flights for their next trip.