Travix joins Amadeus’ NDC-X program to drive progress with NDC for OTAs
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Travix joins Amadeus’ NDC-X program to drive progress with NDC for OTAs

July 12

Press Release – May 31, 2018

Travix will co-design an NDC-enabled solution that will help online travel agencies deliver more personalized and differentiated travel experiences NDC has the potential to change how travel is bought and sold, but in order to make that happen, the right infrastructure has to be in place. That’s why Amadeus and Travix today announce that the leading online travel agency is part of Amadeus’ NDC-X program.


Through this partnership, Travix will provide input into the design of an NDC based Amadeus Web Services solution to fit the needs of online travel agencies around the globe. The solution will enable travel agencies to shop, order, and pay for flights and related services, and to add ancillaries and services to the booking, using the NDC standard.


As part of the NDC-X program, the two companies will work in agile mode and look at practical use cases of the standard for online travel agencies. Incremental versions of the solution will be released gradually with a focus on meeting global business requirements.


In the first phase, the two companies will define a solution which will give online travel sellers access to aggregated NDC and non-NDC content. In the second phase, Amadeus and Travix will define together the servicing requirements that an agency has once the booking has been made, such as any changes or cancellations, or adding ancillaries.


John Mangelaars, CEO, Travix said, “In a diverse content world, it’s crucial to have one single end-to-end process for booking and servicing NDC and non-NDC content. With NDC, we hope to have richer airline content for our customers, ultimately helping us deliver more personalized and differentiated travel experiences. We’re excited to work alongside Amadeus and be part of the NDC-X program to drive progress for the online travel agency community.”


Gianni Pisanello, VP, NDC-X program, Amadeus, added, “Our objective is to make NDC content easy to access and to compare with other content so travel sellers around the world, and also travel providers, can provide the consistency, transparency, and choice travelers are looking for. As part of our NDC-X program, we are working with several airlines and travel sellers to define solutions that make NDC work for all travel players on a global scale. We’re excited to be working with Travix as part of this program.”


Amadeus launched​ its NDC-X program in February this year, bringing together all the NDC activities across Amadeus – as an IT provider and distributor – under one roof. The NDC-X program is a continuation of Amadeus’ previous work towards the digitalization of the travel industry. It’s part of the evolution of Amadeus’ travel platform which will bring together all relevant content – including air, hotel, car, and insurance – from any source (EDIFACT, NDC, proprietary APIs, and other aggregated content) to be distributed via any user interface or device.


Travix joins Amadeus’ NDC-X program to drive progress with NDC for OTAs [PDF]