offers tickets to AI(R), the world’s first fully AI-operated flight 
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March 29

Amsterdam, Netherlands. 1st April 2024 is making aviation history by being the first online travel agency to offer tickets to “AI(R)”, world’s first fully AI-operated flight. Say goodbye to human pilots and flight attendants – this flight is powered entirely by cutting-edge AI technology.

Customers across the Netherlands can now book tickets to experience this groundbreaking flight firsthand. With a commitment to keeping prices low, ensures that everyone can join this futuristic journey without breaking the bank.  

“We’re all about innovation and making travel affordable,” says Mira Van Houwelingen, Chief Marketing Officer at “This is a game-changer in air travel, combining innovation and safety like never before. Join us as we take flight into the future.

AI Service

From streamlined digital check-in to personalised in-flight entertainment and amenities facilitated by AI flight attendants, customers are sure to have an enjoyable and hassle-free travel experience. Passengers will select their meal preferences during booking and self-service stations will be available onboard for passengers to collect their chosen meals at their convenience. 

Inflight entertainment

In addition, passengers will enjoy curated entertainment tailored to their preferences. By answering a few questions about their music and film tastes during booking, travellers will have access to a selection of their favourite movies, TV shows, music playlists, and digital books via the AI-powered onboard entertainment system.

For more information and to book tickets for this historic flight, visit