Fly to the moon with
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Fly to the moon with

March 31


Fly to the moon with

Space travel will also be accessible to ordinary citizens from the spring 2024

From the spring of 2024, CheapTickets will be the first online travel agency (OTA) ever to offer airline tickets to the moon. With this initiative, responds to the increasing interest in airline tickets to the moon ‘for the ordinary citizen’. In consultation with space transport companies, it was decided to do this with the New Shepard rocket. The New Shepard consists of a launcher that can land right-handed and has a capsule for six people that lands on / with three parachutes. The New Shepard has already performed manned flights. The ticket prices for this flight will be known in November 2023, travelers should think of prices from € 35,670.

After several successful attempts in which both animals and humans have been sent to the moon in the context of science, it is now time for the Dutch citizen to make a trip to this destination. Space is not only for professional astronauts, but also for ordinary citizens. They are prepared and trained, but no professional astronauts go with them. Anouk Liebers, PR & Brand Manager at “Given the developments within the aviation industry and the increasing interest in traveling to the moon, we have started an investigation. In collaboration with space transport companies, we have come up with an extraordinary offer. We are the first to offer this OTA, because we want to be progressive, ‘the fun brand’ and want to give that little bit extra.”

This is what the flight to the moon looks like

During the flight, which in terms of travel time is equivalent to a flight to Australia, all travelers all enjoy the so-called ‘Business Space Class’. It is only possible to book tickets for Business Class. This is because the journey must remain comfortable due to some gliding discomfort. The Business Class includes; a comfortable seat with plenty of floating space, three fully catered, bagged meals and each seat is equipped with an oxygen mask. Passengers have the option to listen to music or watch movies. There is no internet on board. There is no possibility to choose the travel time yet. That is too complicated for now, says Liebers. “All trips depart on a Monday and return a week later. We fly past the moon and come back again. Landing on the moon requires completely different training for travelers who come along and we are not yet taking that step.”