Interning at Travix – what’s it all about? Part II
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Interning at Travix – what’s it all about? Part II

July 06
  Continuing part 2 of the intern blog series, we interviewed two more interns – Patrizia Pfab and Ilayda Sari – to hear what they’ve experienced during their internship at Travix. Keep reading to learn more...  

Q1: Can you tell us a bit about your background? Where you’re from, what you’re studying, etc.?

  Patrizia: Hi, I’m from Germany and in my final year of my studies. I study International Management in Augsburg, and as a part of my study I’m doing my internship here at Travix in Amsterdam.

Ilayda: Hi, my name is Ilayda and I’m from the Netherlands. I’m in my third year of my Commercial Economy study and this was my very first internship.  

Q2: Why did you want to do an internship at Travix? What appealed to you most?

  Patrizia: Travix appealed to me because of their expertise in the field of e-commerce and their use of the latest online marketing techniques, programs and strategies. Additionally, in the interview I could already sense the strong international and open-minded vibe in the office. And, finally, the agile teamwork and the modern work environment in the center of Amsterdam was also very persuading!

Ilayda: I really wanted to work in an international company in marketing. When I learned about Travix online, I became very interested in the company. Getting to work with people from all around the world also appealed to me a lot.   

Q3: What were your main assignments?

  Patrizia: My main responsibility was taking care of the 4 German-speaking websites in the DACH market. This included different fields of online marketing like email marketing, SEO, SEA, content writing, reporting, and the creation of airline and promotional campaigns. 

Ilayda: During my internship, I created blogs, emails voor and, did email reporting, improved the SEO of landing pages and blogs, created a tourism board campaign, as well as several airline and other promotional campaigns.  

Q4: What did you learn during your internship?

  Patrizia: I got a great overview of all online marketing channels and became familiar with the agile working method of SCRUM. Moreover, I got to learn how it is to work in multicultural teams and to work together towards a shared purpose. 

Ilayda: Next to learning how it is to work in a multicultural team, it was new and exciting to work in a team to generate creative ideas together. I also learned a great deal about working with marketing tools like CMS and Clang.  

Q5: Can you describe what your typical working day was like?

  Patrizia: As only around 40% of my workload recurred weekly, I usually didn’t have a ‘typical working day’. Everyday differed depending on the current campaigns running and the seasons of the industry. My usual workday was filled with daily reporting and marketing tasks, sessions with my mentor, time for personal development and team meetings.

Ilayda: Like the other interns, every working day was different, which was great. But I also had a couple of weekly recurring tasks, like writing a newsletter and blogs, and working on an SEO project.   

Q6: What were the 5 most exciting things that happened during your internship?

    1. Organizing and Executing a Black Friday campaign rather independently 
    1. Creating an intern project in which we organized a pretty cool 2020 dream destination campaign
    2. Getting the chance to explore marketing channels in detail
    3. Getting the chance to acquire Google certificates
    4. Fun team activities like the Travix party or the team offsite where we went bowling and on a boat cruise.

    1. Creating campaigns for partners like Rotterdam Airport and Transavia
    2. Creating a campaign with all the other interns from our team
    3. Seeing your blog on Facebook with exciting comments from people under it 
    4. Doing a lot of fun stuff with the team and the company
    5. From day one, the chance to give your input in meetings

 Q7: What is your advice for new interns considering an internship at Travix?

  Patrizia: Travix is the perfect place for an internship, because every single person on the team is very helpful. They really want you to learn as much as possible and achieve high goals within your internship. I was really grateful for the chance to develop myself during my internship! 

Ilayda: If you want to do your internship at Travix, you really need to be into online marketing since Travix only sells online. You should also be open to learning new things because you get a wonderful opportunity to learn and become better in your work.

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